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    FriesenPress Staff Pick, The Lapis Key

    A secret language written in the ancient book of Everes foretold a human boy with great powers would come to Fairyland.
    Come along as Elijah the bear tells the story of Ernie and the Fairy Princess Daisy’s fight to stop the evil Queen Natalie from destroying the Socourt Kingdom.


    An adventure for all ages. This wonderfully illustrated story of Ernie and Daisy will keep the reader entertained for many an evening as they wind their way through this fantastic literary experience. Full color book with over 90 pages and 64 illustrations.


    “The Lapis Key Adventures of Ernie and Daisy is a beautifully written and illustrated fantasy that is both dreamy and funny! It’s great fun for young readers and older readers alike. I highly recommend it!”
    -Karen Noe, author of The Rainbow Follows the Storm and Through the Eyes of Another


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